Weekend In Six Pics

What's up? How was your weekend? The goal of this weekend was just to simplify, relax and not spend too much money. I think I achieved that... I napped, cooked, went to Pilates (first class in 3 weeks- I'm still in pain), read and watched a Sex & The City marathon on Sunday. I swear I will be 60 years old and still watching that show... 

I organized my stationary drawer which was brought on by the "T" stationary that's in the middle of the first pic. I found the stationary at Michaels for $1.50 in the sale section. That section is very dangerous. I hoard magazines (seriously), so I took a deep breath tackled a stack of mags. I got rid of a ton, but let's just say I need lots more magazine files.  

I had a delicious brunch on the patio of West Egg Cafe with a friend on Sunday. I heart their food. It's the kind of food that makes you want a nap after eating it. I had a good nap on Sunday afternoon...

A new Lululemon store is opening next to the cafe. A new Lulu store is also very dangerous... Do you wear Lulu? I only buy it on sale and I think it's totally worth it. Anyway, the building was covered in their branding, which are little reminders about health and life. I need to remember to "breathe deeply and appreciate the moment" more often. 

 Oh, and I made the most delicious, scone-like blueberry cookies. Stop by tomorrow for details... :)

Let me know how you are!

Images via Instagram (@savorhome)
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  1. Looks like a great weekend, we have a Lululemon and its a great store, great line of products I agree. Have a great day Tiffany.

  2. Ever since I bought my first (and only) Lulu top I can't stop thinking about getting more! They fit so so nicely, the fabric is amazing and they are gorgeous! So I'm saving some bucks for a couple of pieces when I go home.
    Mmmmm blueberry cookies, yes please!

  3. Need to check out that cafe soon!
    SO impressed by your organization skillzzz girl!
    x, Anna

  4. What a lovely weekend Tiffany! I've never bought any Lulu but have been very tempted. I may have to splurge for Mother's Day!

    I also share your magazine hoarding problem. I found some inexpensive plastic magazine files and spray painted them a pretty metallic gold. It's working good for me and I didn't have to spend too much.

    Enjoy your week!

  5. Ooo LuLuLemon is very dangerous!! And those scones look amazing!!

  6. I have yet to convert to Lulu, but I keep hearing amazing things! Those blueberry scone cookies look insane, can't wait for the recipe.

  7. I just love to hear someone else's weekend "happenings" I can so relate you what you do. Lululemon is a dangerous place!!! I have a stack of magazines to get through and tear out pages I love then ditch the rest to make room. Those cookies are to die for!!!!!!! Put that in my plans for next weekend for sure!! Have a wonderful week, Tiffany!

  8. We should hang out on weekends because yours sounds absolutely perfect :)

  9. Looks like an amazing weekend! Mmm that latte looks good... it's been one of my favs since I've been preggers! Actually never been to West Egg, will have to try it soon!

  10. This sounds like a terrific and relaxing weekend Tiffany. Your blueberry scone cookies look incredible, I will be watching for the recipe.


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