Happy Weekend...

Well, can you tell what's on my agenda for the weekend? Yep, you guessed it. Rest!! This has been another super busy work week and I swear my eyelids feel like they weigh 100 l-b's. I will have to put in some work this weekend, but will otherwise plan to rest, take a long walk with one of my besties and maybe catch a movie. I'm dying to see The Words. Well, I'm really dying to sit and watch Bradley Cooper for a few hours, but that's neither here nor there...

I hope you have a happy weekend and restful my friends...

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  1. Love that bed in front of the window, who would've ever thought to do that. That head board in the other pic is very nice too. Is that a sign that I need a desperate makeover in my bedroom ....... mmmm, yup. Nite nite sweets, have a great weekend!!

  2. Hey its raining a perfect day to rest up and thats exactly what I plan on doing!
    The images you chose are so peaceful and serene.......enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Hope you get some much needed rest. Elie got a 100 on her first accounting quiz (problem?, whatever she called it).

  4. I am hoping you got some good rest Tiffany!
    Let me know how you like that movie if you see it:)

  5. Sounds like a blissful weekend to me; all of these images are so serene and lovely. Hope you got lots of rest xx


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