2 Designs By 2 Talented Designers

Perhaps two of my favorite things about design bloggers are seeing their own homes and seeing the miracles they work in the homes of their clients. Today I just wanted to share those two types of spaces by two of my favorite design bloggers. A lot of "two's" there I know... Ha. 

First is the master bedroom of Sarah Swanson of Sarah Swanson Design. I have always admired the simplicity of Sarah's style. She recently shared this space on her blog and I just had to share it again. The whole room just screams style and comfort. I love the throw pillows on the bed and the mirror, which reflects one of her lovely paintings. I have two of her paintings and love them. You can find more details on her space here and her paintings here.

The next space was designed by my dear friend, Marianne Simon of Marianne Simon Design. Marianne and I met in blogland and in person back in May and she is fabulous and very talented. She has a classic, clean style that is comfortable and cozy all in one. This space she designed for one of her clients is the perfect example. I have dreams about that settee! Isn't it amazing?? You can see more of the space here.

P.S. Do you spy one of Sarah's paintings in Marianne's space?? It's on the far right of the second pic... Love.

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  1. Love them both, especially the serenity of Sarah's bedroom!

  2. I LOVE seeing inside bloggers homes, such a fun sneak peak :-)

  3. Thank you, Tiffany! You just made my day. xo

  4. Ha! I love Sarah and photographed her house a few years ago!!! She does have a lovely home. I'm off to check out Marianne's site looks oh so lovely !!! Happy Halloween Tiffany!!!

  5. Beautiful homes! So peaceful and serene.


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