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Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Are you thinking how wonderful it would be if you could spend a few uninterrupted hours in that tub surrounded by that gorgeous tile, candles, a stack of magazines, a glass bottle of champagne and a fully checked off to-do list? Dreamy I tell ya. 

Speaking of a to-do list, conquering everything on my TeuxDeax list is my weekend goal. I love the TeuxDeax app by the way... Finishing up my Christmas shopping, figuring out a design for my home office (it looks a hot mess right now) and rest are at the top of the list. "Rest" is actually an item on the list. How sad is that?? Despite the busyness of the season, I hope you find time for a little rest, too.

Here are a few of my favorite links from the week. Have a great weekend!

I just KNEW her wedding video would be good...

This photo shoot starring one of my favorite bloggers and her husband is just, well, it's just beautiful...

LOVE this cozy little NYC apartment...

I feel like I have seen 100 gift guides over the last few weeks, but there are a few I keep going back to, like this one and this one. I loved the products + the guides were just really pretty to look at. 

Thanks for your sweet comments on my holiday home tour and my cranberry cheddar popovers

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  1. Of course the first thing I would click on is that ridiculously amazing gooey caramel sundae! Shame on you Tiffany...cheers to great food, and throwing diets out the window this hoiday season:)

  2. As always I love your link round ups! The photoshoot from Roost...can't get over it.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Loved the links, that wedding!! What a beautiful couple and celebration! Happy weekend!

  4. Happy Friday! I always look forward to your links! Why won't my maltese and chihuahua sit still for a cute photo? You have no idea how much I wish they would! xo

  5. My goodness, aren't we just a wealth of information? That tub is insanely beautiful and calling my name. Totally agreeing with you with the whole BOTTLE of champaign choice. Now off to check out those always interesting links of yours. Have a crazy awesome weekend!


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