Weekend in Five Pics

Christmas tree of lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens (ABG) | Sneak peek at my new home office decor | Pinecone garland at the ABG | Christmas tree made entirely of live poinsettias at the ABG | My fur baby Max and his prized possession during the last few weeks

Hi there... I hope you had a good weekend. Other than a good nap on Sunday, my weekend was pretty packed, yet wonderful. This weekend I...

 Finally saw the last Twilight movie. Why yes, I'm a Twilighter. And yes, I could totally see it again. 

Went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see their Christmas lights. I don't know about you, but I turn into a little kid when I see really good Christmas lights and these are some of the best lights in the city. If you are in Atlanta or around Atlanta, I highly recommend a visit. I only took a million pics, so I'll share more with you later...

Styled my desk in my home office. I apologize if you are tired of seeing Dyptique candles everywhere, but I just purchased the candle last week and I totally see what all the hype is about. The smell is intoxicating even when it's not lit. 

Walked out of Target empty-handed for the first time. That never happens. Ever. They didn't have what I needed and somehow I walked out without buying something that I wanted, but didn't need. 

Had dinner at Sotto Sotto, which is probably one of the BEST Italian restaurants I have ever been to. I ordered a huge plate of fresh seafood pasta. I usually have leftovers when I eat out, especially when I eat pasta. But there wasn't a single thing left on my plate this time. So very good.

Refrained from watching too much news. I was in tears Friday night as I watched the coverage of the tragic event in Newtown, CT and I could hardly bear it the remainder of the weekend. I am just baffled. Completely baffled. I will not lean to my own understanding, but pray that God gives all involved comfort and the strength to overcome the insurmountable obstacles that lie ahead. I will hug my family a little tighter when I see them over the holidays and thank God that I'm able to do so.

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  1. Walking out of Target empty handed is a major accomplishment! I cannot do that.....always end up with something I never went in to buy:) That Christmas tree image is stunning!

  2. I still have to: 1. watch the latest Twilight ;) 2. Buy one of those candles ;)

  3. I am so getting into the spirit of Christmas and your post just pushed me over the edge, I just love twinkling little lights and that little cute furball ...... precious. So sad about those children, say a little prayer.

  4. Found you through the SoHo. These shots are gorgeous!!!!

  5. your cat is absolutely beautiful. yay for feline mamas. and I am the same when I go to target, I can have a list and remain in there for far too long.

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