Good Eats: Christmas Morning

Our Christmas morning breakfast has been the same for years, which is:

Grands cinnamon rolls. Out of the can. With lots of icing on the top and my dad's coffee on the side. He's got his coffee down to a science. 

The goal is always never to eat more than one cinnamon roll. But I always fail at that. Always. 

We eat the rolls as we go through the gifts we just opened. I'm always making sure I don't get icing all over everything. I sometimes fail at that, too. :)

I'm pretty sure we will have Grands again this year. It's just our ritual. And I love it.

But even though we have our ritual, the arrival of the holidays always inspires me to see what else is out there - ya know, just in case I want to try something new to go along side the cinnamon rolls.

These are just a few things that got my attention.

Those bacon pancakes. Wow.

What is your Christmas morning breakfast?? Do you have a ritual? Do share... 

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  1. I just went wow, and wow and yum! We do a brunch which includes eggs, arepas (a venezuelan sort of bread), pancakes...lots of food! And of course, I'd eat my Christmas cookies all day long ;)

  2. I don't have breakfast foods that I eat specifically on Christmas, but I want everything in this blog post!

  3. My family also eats Grands cinnamon rolls each Christmas (and Thanksgiving & Easter) for breakfast :) This year, though, due to my recent gluten issues, I'm going to make GF scones with cinnamon chips instead.

  4. not a ritual for xmas breakfast but thanks. I will be picking up some grands today at Target. I've never tried and usually not a cinnabon type of person but those do always look very delish!

  5. Wow what a delicious selection. I'll try those frittata cups this weekend! We don't have a special Christmas Day breakfast as I like to leave room for the turkey but this year on Boxing Day we had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and I think this could become a tradition!

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