Weekend In Five Pics

Tulips and a note for my new neighbor | My baby Max | Weekend inspiration | Pizzelles courtesy of Nona Rosas Kitchen | An afternoon snack courtesy of The Spotted Trotter

Hi!! How was your weekend?? Well, I'm writing this post at 3PM on Sunday afternoon (yesterday). I just woke up from a good nap - the kind that's so good that it takes a few minutes for you to come to when you wake up, and I'm sipping on a steaming hot cup of tea with Saturday's episode of Barefoot Contessa playing in the background.  Oh and the rain is trickling on my bedroom window. That should give you some idea of how relaxing this weekend has been. On Saturday, I welcomed my new neighbor with those tulips that I arranged, as opposed to cookies. You would have thought I told her she won $1M dollars. If you haven't done something special for a good neighbor, you should. Best feeling ever. 

I also had dinner with a good friend and finished editing the last of my photos from last week's photoshoot at Bella Cucina. That's where I had those beautiful and tasty Pizzelles and the freshly cured meats. I'm still thinking of those good eats. 

Speaking of good eats, I shot the most DELICIOUS pasta recipe for tomorrow's post! My first video post on the Vine app will give you a good idea of how I set it all up!

Happy Monday!
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  1. Love your photos and I just added you to my chic reads on my blog! Do you have a photo tutorial? I have a new Nikon 5100 and have no idea how to use it...I need some serious help :) Love your blog!

  2. Beautiful tulips! And gorgeous photos Tiff!

  3. My Husband's family are Italian and the Pizzelles are a tradition at our home--Delish!! Have a good one!! xo Leslie

  4. I showed a coworker who is feline obsessed a pic of your cat and she said her cousin breeds those LOL. I had no clue people bred cats. Not to mention, I'm upset such a beautiful species can be called a "rag doll". wth?

  5. You always have the most wonderful weekends. I think I need a trip to Atlanta sometime this year! May need to look into that.

  6. We could be such great friends, pizelles, antipasta a great magazine (good issue btw) pretty are so many kind of girl!

  7. Oh how I wished I could just take a nap ....... such beautiful eyes on your cat and those Pizzelles are making my mouth water. Great shoot BTW.

  8. Have you read through InStyle yet? How amazing were the photos of Michelle and the gang?! I love that no matter what scenario they're in, those ladies always look so full of grace and gorgeous!

    xxoo, k

  9. Gorgeous photos! I can't get over the photo of your cats eyes! Crazy pretty.


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