Four Spaces...

Four spaces that I'm dying over at the moment. I'm dying over them because lately I have been having those moments where I wish I could just start over again in my house. I do love what I have. Really I do. But there are days when I wish I had the resources- and the time- to just start all over again. If that were the case, these are the looks I would go for. I love the vintage accessories in that bathroom. And something about clean, folded white towels makes me happy... I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that kitchen. I could cook and photograph food in there all day. All day! I don't have a family yet, but one day I will. When I do, I'll take an accessorized mudroom that looks just like that. Oh and if you ever see a beautiful armoire like that one in the last pic, shoot me an e-mail. My bedroom would love to have it. So pretty...

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  1. These images are all gorgeous! That kitchen, that range hood... I want to be following your blog when you have children and are blogging images of your mudroom, because I have three boys and my mudroom would never stay that tidy, much less well-appointed! Oh yes, a girl can dream... :)

  2. Four beautiful spaces. The kitchen is so grand and bright. I would just move the blue and white ginger jars out of the closet. They should be on display!

  3. That my dear is why we have Pinterest ...... to keep us fresh and inspired so that we yearn for this. I like to dream and believe that perhaps one day, our dreams will come true. Corny sounding??

  4. I want to move into all of these spaces. So pretty.

  5. I love the mud room! Functional, but randomly stylish!


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