Craving Cake...

So a fun fact: As much as I love to bake, I have never made a layered cake. Never. But I am. And soon. I LOVE layered cakes. They are beautiful, fun and elegant all in one. I have been scouring various cookbooks and blogs to find inspiration - inspiration that is helping me get over this intimidation factor that I have going on when it comes to making cakes. I'm wondering if I should start with one out the box or if I should dive right in and make one from scratch. These beauties make me want to get serious and surpass the box...

What is your favorite cake? Are you boxed cake person or do you make them from scratch?

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  1. These images just made my stomach growl. Out loud.

  2. My fav cake I make is a lemon buttermilk pound cake, delicious! I try to make all my cakes from scratch all except chocolate. I have been on the hunt for a perfect chocolate from scratch cake but haven't found one. If you find a great one let me know.

  3. Oh gosh, why are you doing this to me? i am on a diet -okay i wont look, i am closing my eyes now. :)

  4. I discovered your blog through CCC and am looking forward to "losing myself" in your beautiful photos and words. So nice to meet you!

  5. My absolute favorite cake is a carrot cake (two layers) with cream cheese icing that my family (usually my dad) makes from scratch. It's irresistible!

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  6. Oh, how I love and crave cake daily.

  7. Oh I'm drooling! I think you're inspiring me to bake a cake this week ;)

  8. Love carrot cake. Oh, and my MIL's coconut frosted too!! We usually do the box, but I can make a mean cheesecake from scratch.

  9. Alright missy, would you pass one of those goodies my way? You are so right, inspiration will definitely fight off those little scary moments for sure. Be free my friend ....... BE FREE! I love baking too, there's just something about it, not just the smell and taste of the lovely morsels but to photograph it is pure heaven.

  10. I think that boxed cake mixes rival those trim scratch:)
    although there are chefs that would disagree I'm sure. I'm a chocolate old crave a layered chocolate cake:)

  11. Oh my goodness. All of them look amazing! And who doesn't crave cake sometimes? Or like all the time? ;)

  12. I love baking from scratch. Nothing against box cake mixes, however, for me scratch baking tastes richer and is full of flavor.
    By the way, beautiful blog and photos.

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