Weekend In Four Pics...

Hello!! I hope you had a great weekend. Even though I spent most of my weekend working, I made it a point to have a few moments of fun. This weekend I...

 + Didn't buy any flowers for my nightstand. The weather here was perfection this weekend, so I took a break from work and walked around my neighborhood shooting photos of cherry blossoms to get my flower fix. They are quite lovely...

+ Had brunch with a friend at this new hidden gem of a place called Buttermilk Kitchen.The name alone sounds enticing, doesn't it? It was hands down the BEST brunch I have had in all the years I have lived here in Atlanta. Before I even ate, they had me when my water was served to me in a mason jar. Winner... I devoured that crispy fried chicken biscuit. They marinated the chicken in sweet tea, which gave it the most amazing flavor. It won't be long before I visit that place again...

+ Watched last week's episode of Scandal. Do you watch Scandal?  I watched it for the first time two weeks ago and I'm hooked. Like, really hooked. Starting next weekend, I will be parked on my couch catching up on the seasons I've missed. Can't.Wait.

+ Treated myself to the first burger I have had in a really long time (doesn't this look good??). I don't eat red meat often, so I went all out and ordered one complete with bacon, cheese, mushrooms, onions, ketchup, mustard - everything. I was in burger heaven. 

+  Flipped through my new cookbook, "It's All Good," by the lovely Gwyneth. My quick review: LOVE IT! The photos of the food are stunning and the photos of her in her natural state would make one think she is absolutely nowhere near her age. Most importantly, the things she shares on healthy eating are really informative. After eating that burger and brunch, I felt the need to make her recipe for perfect quinoa, grilled tilapia and sauteed spinach for my Sunday dinner. It was the perfect get-back-on-track meal.

If you did anything fun this weekend, do share!

Images by me
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  1. I need that chicken biscuit in my life, looks amazing! Let's plan a breakfast/brunch date there soon? Let me know if you're available one day during the next couple of weeks. And good for you for whipping up a recipe from GP's new book already, I can't wait to dive in.

  2. OMG!!! Breakfast was delicious!!! Please let me know when you're ready to visit Buttermilk Kitchen again!!!

  3. Yes, I looove scandal- I was absolutely hooked from the first episode! Each of the photos you used here is beautiful by the way.

    Some Snapshots Blog

  4. You must take me to Buttermilk Kitchen when I visit!

  5. Beautiful photos! That biscuit looks ridiculous!

  6. I heard that show was good! I need something to watch now that The Bachelor is over! Love your photos!!! XO

  7. I had no idea that Gwenyth had a new book out!!!! I am so rushing out to get one ..... the photographs look amazing and such inspiration to cook and check in with photography. I love the fact that you enjoyed the fleurs outside this weekend!!! Those pancakes look AMAZING .... the bacon, no words .... and who doesn't like a burger once in awhile. Soooo good. Have a great week!

  8. Hi Tiffany! Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Thank you for recommending the Buttermilk Kitchen. I'll be sure to give them a try!


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