Office Envy: Moth Design

I have a FABULOUS office to show you today. This is the office of the lovely Erica Cook of Moth Design. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year and she is one of sweetest most talented people I have ever met. She is super fashionable, too! Her gorgeous office was photographed a few years ago by Tracey Ayton, who is one of my most favorite photographers. I love the details of the office, the touches of bright colors and the impeccable styling. I think Tracey captured Erica's personality and talent quite perfectly. 

Lovely right?? You can see more of Erica's work here and Tracey's work here...

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  1. Serious office envy! Beautiful photos!

  2. I am truly honored for such kind words from you Tiff. Erica is the most stylish person I know and I also had the chance to photograph the girl, herself ....... stunning! She photographs beautifully.

  3. One word, gorgeous. :) That is all.

  4. Looooove it! Especially that chair, so so fab! And I love the pops of aqua!

  5. Such a beautiful office, and that pink chair!

  6. You have done a good job and I really appreciated your work keep posting about instagram viewer


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