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Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Well, it rained here 90% of the weekend, so I spent most of my weekend at home reading on the couch with my curled up cat nearby. That may sound boring to some, but with my busy past and upcoming schedule, it was heaven to me. The weather made it almost impossible for me to take good photos this weekend, so instead of doing my regular Weekend In Pics posts, I thought I would share my latest reads with you...

Vegetable Literacy: I saw this book a few weeks ago in Anthropologie and fell in love with it. Most vegetables will be at their finest over the next few months, so the timing of this book is perfect. It includes tons of sweet and savory recipes that involve a myriad of vegetables. All of that is great, but I was sold on glamour shots of the vegetables throughout the book. They are quite gorgeous...

Lunch In Paris: This is on my to-read list. Paris. A love story. French food. Sold.

What Alice Forgot: This is the book I was immersed in over the weekend. It's about a woman who passes out after she falls off her bike during her spinning class. When she comes to, she thinks she is a 29-year old pregnant newlywed whose husband adores her. The truth is that she is in the midst of a divorce, has three kids and is almost 40. Good stuff...

Souper Jenny Does Salads: Jennifer Levison is the owner of Souper Jenny, a local restaurant here in Atlanta.  I could eat there every day! The menu consists of soups, salads and sandwiches, all of which are made fresh each day. I've never had anything there that I didn't absolutely love. Jennifer actually took my order the other day and I didn't realize it was her until I saw this cookbook at the register. I slightly screamed, "Was that Jenny??!!" Her food is amazing, so it was a celebrity moment for me.

The Design Cookbook: This is another book that had me at the stunning images. Designer Kelly Edwards shares ways to define and achieve your personal style, 5-minute decorating tips, setting a budget and ways to decorate each type of room in your home. A space by designer Dayka Robinson, who I credit to me starting a blog, is featured in this book. So it's a special book to me... 

Where We Belong: I heart Emily Giffin's books, so I can't wait to read this one. This one is about a woman who is living the good life as a producer in NYC. Her perfect life takes a turn when an eighteen year-old girl knocks on her door. Life isn't so perfect after that... Or is it?? I look forward to finding out!

What are you currently reading? Anything good I should know about??

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  1. Sadly, you now know what the majority of my days are like here when it rains. We've been having weather as nice as Scottsdale right now, so that makes me very happy! :) Right now I'm reading, The Art of Racing in the Rain and LOVE it! One more month and I'm on a plane to ATL. So excited!

  2. Thanks for the links Tiff! I'm sorry it rained all weekend in your neck of the woods ...... I do hope you have better weather this week so that you can take your books outside to read them :-)

  3. Our book club read What Alice Forgot...I loved it!! My hubby read Art of Racing in the Rain and said it is a must read too! I am looking forward to starting the Language of Flowers. A girlfriend high recommended it.

  4. The rain was a damper on my weekend too! Lunch in Paris is one of my favorite books! I'll have to check out the Design Cookbook.

  5. I wasn't a huge fan of What Alice Forgot, but I enjoyed Lunch in Paris.


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