{Tea roses are this week's flowers...}

Hi there! How was your weekend? Despite the fact that it rained here nonstop for 4 days, I am incredibly thankful. It was just one of those long weekends where I actually felt rested and prepared for today's arrival at the end. I slept, treated my body well with healthy food and exercise, met friends for lunch, read the current issue of Vogue from cover to cover all in one sitting (1st time ever doing that), started and almost finished a book and had a wonderful afternoon at the spa. Whoever declared 2-day weekends is crazy... I also made an AMAZING dessert that really surprised me. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Chocolate and Maldon Sea Salt are involved and I promise you won't want to miss it! 

{Me capturing my first time seeing a giraffe in person at the Atlanta Zoo...}

{The most beautiful bunch of fresh basil at the Farmers Market...}

{Lavender I purchased that is now dried in a bowl in my nightstand. Smells heavenly...}

{A display of a mouth-watering wrap outside of a food truck that I photographed during my first visit to a food truck park last week. I've been missing out...}

Images by me

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  1. Your photography is on point!!! Loving all the details of everything.

  2. Beautiful and delicious photos!

  3. These pictures are amazing Tiffany. That last one had me wanting to reach in for a bite and I bought a monster sized bunch of basil myself this week! Can't wait to hear about your dessert, one of my favorite subjects:)

  4. Can't wait to hear about that dessert, ever since I tried sea salt on chocolate, I'm obsessed with the flavor combo!

  5. Glad the sun has finally come out! Amazing pictures. Yes, I think we are missing out on those yummy food trucks too.

  6. omg that sandwich. I think i just drooled.


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