{A Laundry shirt dress I found at TJMaxx for only $39.99! AND it fits perfectly!}

Is it Monday already?? The last two days flew by and I want them back! This weekend was one of those weekends where I was able to check a lot off of my to-do list and for that I have to be grateful. A few highlights include snapping more pics at the farmers market and snagging these classic riding boots online during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. That's the ONLY thing I bought. Now the key is to stay away from their site and store during the rest of the sale... :) I actually bought that dress at TJMaxx last week. I rarely shop their clothing section (I don't always have the patience), but that dress was hanging at the front of a rack that was on my way out the store. I love when unexpected finds fit perfectly, are quality and are priced beautifully... Oh and remember me saying that I was going to make these for dinner?? Well I did and you should, too if you love Mexican food. I'm making them again for dinner tonight...

Anyway, I hope your week is off to a great start!

{The prettiest heads of savoy cabbage I've ever seen at the farmers market}

{My favorite bible verse as of late: Matthew 6: 25-27. I unintentionally flipped to this last week as I was looking for another verse. I've been worrying about some things lately and of course God knew that...}

{Max carefully observing me as I restyle my living room... }

Images by me

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  1. I have that urchin but mine is in a brass finish and ever since I got it I've been thinking of spray painting it in gold. Love how it looks on your stack ;)

  2. Oooh I heard about that Nordstrom sale ...... I'm heading over to check out your boots!!!! Love your shirt and Max looks cute as ever. Oh and BTW, Mexican food is one of my faves!

  3. The quote stopped me in my tracks. I immediately went to dust off my Bible so I could read the following passage on Judging too. I'm not a religious person...more spiritual than anything...but lately The Lord's Prayer holds more deeper meaning to me than ever before. Thanks for putting a 'magnifying glass' on the situation :)

  4. Love the dress. Yes, the sale was great this year. Snagged a couple things and even put a couple away for Christmas.

  5. I LOVE that verse too!!! You captured it perfectly.

  6. You have such a great way of putting things together! I just love your blog...and AWESOME bible verse! Thanks for sharing.


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