Hi there! TGIF my friends! I couldn't be more excited as this was quite a week! It was so busy that I didn't have much time to look for links of the week. So instead, I have this GORGEOUS home tour for you. This bungalow is located in Mount Pleasant, SC, which is located right outside of Charleston, SC.  I'd move there tomorrow if I could. A plus would be moving in a home that looks just like this one. It's open, it's bright and I adore the simple design. It's not over-accessorized, which I actually love. I think the beautiful lighting compensates for the minimal styling.  Love it all. The lottery is almost $300M here and the drawing is this weekend. So if you don't hear from me on Monday, I might be in Mount Pleasant searching for a home :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you here next week!

Architect: Heather A. Wilson, Styling & Design: Jenn Langston
Found via: Dustjacket Attic

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  1. Hummunah hummunah (did that come across ok?) SO beautiful!

  2. Beautiful home. Like a lot the outdoor bathroom!

  3. One reason why I love living in the south - the beautiful interior designs and architecture! This house is so stunning!

  4. Even prettier in person. That's my neighbor's house. And Heather is rockstar - she was my architect, too.

  5. Ooh love this place. So classic and chic and a truly clean and fresh look.

  6. This house is absolutely beautiful! I love the big front porch with the hanging couch. I have never seen that before and it is so unique. However, I would have to say my favorite part of this Bungalow is the kitchen or outside bathroom. Each room has its own creative look but fits in with the overall country look. I have just design a house that had a Spiral Staircase. This couples house had a more traditional look but we used the same type of wood that is displayed in the kitchen. It turned out beautiful.

  7. Mommie......I so love this bungalow! Everything about it! Crikey.

  8. Absolutely marvelous place! Hanging couch is very nice. Each room designed creatively. Invite you to view blog on bunglow designs-

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