Those wishbone chairs. I know they have been around forever, but I'm quite fascinated by them...

That scarf. I never thought of a burlap scarf as cute, but I like that one...

That print on the wall. Love it. You can find it here... Oh I like that cabinet, too. 

That mirror. Did you know that Target sells a similar, yet smaller mirror??

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  1. The wishbone chair will forever be my all-time favourite chair. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. You have such great taste my dear! I love all of this goodness!

  3. I love wishbone chairs! I don't care how often I see them online, I'm not getting sick of them. I don't think I've actually ever seen one in real life-it's funny how things can be so common online and Pinterest and such, and yet you don't see them half as often in real life. Well either way, I wish I had a place for one in my apartment!

  4. Do you by chance know where the table is from?


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