How lovely is that home with the red door?? I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, which is pretty much how I felt about every other home I saw in Serenbe... Yesterday, I showed you the farm in Serenbe and today I have to show you some of the gorgeous homes. As I mentioned yesterday, the community is focused on sustainable and healthy living. All of the homes have porches, which fosters community. To minimize toxic chemicals used in lawn care, the front lawns are minimal and only include all natural landscaping. The community is powered with alternative energy sources and the homes are built using energy-efficient products. All so very good. Here are some shots on the streets along with a few of my favorite homes. Some of them were open to the public, so I took a few shots of the insides. The homes were either traditional or ultra modern. All of them were lovely. I could live there - today. Forever. I just need to win the lottery first... :)

All images by me
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  1. Oh wow, this seems like an incredible community!

  2. That door, I adored every architectural door of every home! I’m not an expert yet I’m attracted on the door designs and colors. It seems that every door has its own story. Gorgeous!

    Sebastian of
    Gazebo and Bali Hut Super Store

  3. I have visited Serenbe a few times and would love to live there, but like you said, I, also, would need to "win the lottery" to do so! Such a wonderful community!


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