Yes, I'm dedicating an entire post to that little brush you see there, but I promise it's for good reason! Let me start by saying that if there is one household chore I dislike the most, it would be doing the dishes. After making a meal, the last thing I want to do is the dishes. I assume some of you feel the same way?? I can't stand to have a sink full of dirty dishes - or one dirty dish for that matter, so the dishes always get done. I heavily rely on my dishwasher to wash the majority of my dishes, but there are times when it just makes more sense to do things by hand. That's where this dish brush comes in. Hand washing dishes has become about 10 times easier since I bought this little $6 beechwood dish brush. This thing is SO much better than any other dish brush I've had. It gets anything - and dare I say anything - off of dirty dishes without having to exert extra energy. I literally just apply light pressure to a soapy wet dish and whatever is on the dish, tough grime included, just comes right off. So if you don't have a dishwasher or need something to occasionally hand wash your dishes, this would be the best $6 you've ever spent for your kitchen and maybe for yourself. I just wanted to take the time today to tell you about it... 

Beechwood dish brush via Terrain

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  1. Totally getting this! I'm a dishwasher myself but HATE it too! Don't know of anyone who really enjoys it! Thanks for the recommendation.


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