Happy Friday!! How was your week? It 'twas another busy week here for me. I crave the moment when I don't have to say it was a "busy week" on a Friday. But that is coming. I am in the home stretch of a big deadline at work and I am quite thrilled! So this weekend, it will be working, eating, and sleeping with a side of a quick workout for me! If your plans are a little more exciting, have a little fun for me, ok?? :) Enjoy the links!

Yes, yes and yes.

And speaking of food, this is best place at the moment to find some of the most beautiful food blogs...

Two words that can change a life... Boy this is true.

A home that I wish were mine. Such a beauty...

I ordered these (in navy) last week during the big sale and they are SO comfortable. Big score.

Oh and this classic everyday bag is on sale! I've only wanted one for ohhhh... forever, so I scooped it up this week. :)

A great advice blog on blogging...

The truth...

Weekend reading...

* Image found via Pinterest. Let me know if you know the original source!
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  1. Hope you find a bit of time to relax! Thanks for all the great links!!

  2. Loved the two words post! So true!

  3. Love your bag! Who makes it, Celine? Thanks have a nice weekend love your blog

    1. Thanks Karen! I wish that were my bag! It is a Celine bag. I found the image on Pinterest... Such a dream...

  4. Loved all these links, adding some food blogs to the roll!! Happy weekend! You're almost there! :)


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