{Easter tulips... }

Hi there!! How are you? I am back this week with a refreshed mind and a renewed spirit! It's been quite a busy few months on the work front and thankfully the busyness ended last week! I thought I would only need a few days last week to recuperate, but my creative juices were frozen. I also needed to catch up on sleep, trash tv (you'd gasp if you knew what I watched, but it was a wonderful escape!), good friends, errands, cleaning, organizing-- everything. Life is much better now! Anyway, I also started a project that I've been thinking and talking about for a few years. My master bedroom is going to get a much needed makeover! This summer. For real. It's happening. I even gave it its own hashtag (see below). So it has to happen right?? The room is going to be serene with a quiet and neutral vibe. Just what I need and just what I love. Stay tuned... :)

{Wall color options for my master bedroom makeover happening this summer, which will herein be referred to as "#shmastermakeover."

{Those pancakes from this cookbook were my Easter morning breakfast. They were amazing... }

{A favorite fedora from Target that I wore several times last week. Makes me excited for summer... }

{A homemade "lime green juice" that has been in heavy rotation lately... It's the juice of an apple, a peeled orange, a peeled lime and a handful of kale. Simple and delicious I tell ya... }

Images by me

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  1. Glad you finally had some time to relax. Can't wait to see your plans for your master. That juice looks amazing.

  2. I reread that as I thought you said handmade kale. I thought "how the hell do you make kale" lol


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