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While I was on vacation last week, I caught up on some of my favorite blogs, one of which is A Perfect Gray. My friend Donna has a love for the color gray and has a way of making her readers love it just as much. Anyway, she recently posted a photo of the kitchen from this really beautiful German 19th century barn turned farmhouse that was featured in the New York Times. I loved the details and the minimalism (something I really love about European interiors) in that one space, so I was eager to see and learn more about the home... 

The barn, which was previously occupied by cows, was merged with the farmhouse and underwent a complete renovation by a couple who wanted something really special and different for a home. They completely renovated the inside of the barn while keeping the outside intact. The inside of the home is all about the details - the various warm woods, the minimal antique furnishings, the lighting, and the small bursts of color. It honestly would be hard for me not to add a green plant or an accessory or two if this were my home, but otherwise I think the beautiful natural details speak volumes on their own... :)

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  1. I really wanted to turn a barn into MY home after I saw this one. My husband and I once found an old abandon church, a small one, which we thought for years about buying and re-doing. Oh well...

    Love all the beams in this one. Glad you liked it, too, Tiffany...


    1. I bet that church would have been a beauty! Thanks so much for always sharing beautiful inspiration! I hope you are doing well!

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