{My mom has a green thumb and beautiful gardens. I'm jealous...}

Hi there!! I hope you all are doing well. I am back from a week off and can honestly say that I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I so needed some time away! I didn't spend my vacation at a typical beautiful beach or anything. Instead I spent time with family in the home I grew up in. That beats a beach anytime... Well, almost. :) I slept- a LOT. It's amazing how much you can sleep when your mind and body are totally at ease. I had a lunch and movie date with my mom. We saw the movie Chef. If you love to laugh and love food, then you will adore that movie. You know I love food, so I made a pancake breakfast for my grandfather and a lasagna dinner for my whole family. This lasagna recipe never lets me down and my family loved it... My brother took me out to a great lunch and dinner (I had pho for the first time - so good!), and we went to the mountains for some sightseeing and photography practice. It's back to reality today, but my mind is clear, so bring it... :)

P.S. Tomorrow I'll be sharing the recipe for those pancakes I keep talking about, so be sure to check back!!

{The best sweet potato fries at The Sandwich Farm... }

{Lunching with my brother wearing these glasses that I honestly wear about 95% of the time. I'm quite blind...}

{A turkey sandwich is a turkey sandwich, but the turkey sandwich at The Sandwich Farm is the best one I've ever had... }

{One morning in bed... Reading and making plans for my master bedroom...}

{More from my mom's garden...}

{Reflecting on the mountain...}

{And my view from the mountain... }

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  1. Fabulous pictures as always! So glad you had a great time back home. You look so refreshed and happy!

  2. So glad you had some down time. We all can use it from time to time and I just came back from a trip and took many days off from the blog to spend time with my family. :)

  3. Ahhhh so nice! I've got two more weeks until I'm on vacation and we decided that staying at home with friends and family is what we need to do. Knowing that I have that time off is making my work seem a lot easier. Your mom's garden is beautiful!!!!


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