Happy Friday!! I hope you had a good week! My long week is over and is thankfully ending on a great note. I've got a great two days of relaxing, hanging out with this amazing lady, and more relaxing ahead and I couldn't be more ready! I think I'll also be turning a few books backwards on my bookshelves. I adore that idea... Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Kim & Kanye aren't two of my favorite people, but their new home is quite beautiful...

How to hang a gallery wall with these - not nails. My walls have been saved!

Renee Zellweger's lovely farmhouse is on the market... Are you interested??

This is literally one of the most beautiful food blogs I've ever seen...

A dark attic turned into a bright bedroom... Pretty.

30 cute looks for 30 days - by Olivia Palermo.

Breakfast in the form of a popsicle...

Simple style for the side...


Image by Sarah Sherman of Smitten Studio
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  2. Oh my goodness ..... I could pin Kim and Kanye's house all day. It has so many features that I want in our new house...... except ours is just a teesy weensy smaller. Lark and linen is so beautiful and that bag .... well darling, I just bought it this weekend. Great taste girlfriend!

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