I LOVE cookbooks. I think I've mentioned that a few many times here before. I'm always on the hunt for cookbooks that teach me something new about food, save time in the kitchen, and most importantly - provide recipes that will satisfy my taste buds! Here are some new cookbooks that were recently released or will be released soon that caught my interest and just might catch yours. I think they would also make great gifts for this upcoming holiday season... 

1. One Pot by Martha Stewart Living: I have a busy schedule. I love warm, cozy, food. And most importantly, I hate doing the dishes. Therefore, this new cookbook had me at its title. This book is full of recipes that can be made in just one pot. That pot could be a dutch oven, skillet, pressure cooker, slow cooker, or stockpot. There are soups, stews, gratins, and even desserts that can all be made in just one pot. I gotta have this book...

2. Make It Ahead by Ina Garten: Ina is my hero. She has taught me so much about cooking and I've loved every single recipe of hers that I've made. I can't say that for many other chefs/cooks. Ina's latest cookbook (due out on October 28th) features recipes that can be made ahead of time along with great tips on how to master the make-ahead process. "Make ahead of time" is one of my favorite phrases, especially when it comes to cooking. The recipes in the book include a Make-Ahead Roast Turkey (just in time for Thanksgiving) and a Decadent Chocolate Cake that just happens to be gluten-free. Naturally, I've pre-ordered this book... :)

3. At Home In The Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin: I love sweet treats, but my normal routine consists of healthy and whole foods - so I'm always on the lookout for good whole foods cookbooks. In this vegetarian cookbook, which was released yesterday, Amy features great tips on how to properly stock a whole foods pantry. You can see Amy's pantry in this video (LOVE). She also tells you how to turn those ingredients into healthy and simple dishes that are satisfying and nourishing to the body. Apricot chutney, roasted fig and raspberry tart with a toasted almond crust, and black rice breakfast pudding are just three of the recipes in this book that have peaked my interest...

4. Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordechai: Every time I see a new Sunday Suppers dinner on Karen's beautiful Instagram account, my dream of attending a dinner gets even bigger. She has a true talent for cooking, styling, and photography- three things that I enjoy as well. Entertaining more is on my to-do list, so referring to some of the 100 simple and seasonal recipes in this book that are designed for gatherings would be a great resource to start with...

5. The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum: Award-winning Rose Beranbaum, who is also known as "Diva of Desserts" is set to release her fourth "bible" on October 28th and I am so looking forward to it! She has previously written "The Bread Bible" and "The Cake Bible" - both of which were hugely successful. This is a cookbook where one can truly learn to master the intricate details of baking. It's one of those "teaching" type books that I could see myself referencing on holidays to make sure I get the perfect result for that special dessert.  

6. Homemade Decadence by Joy Wilson: Joy Wilson's blog, "Joy The Baker" has been on my blogroll for a few years now because I just love her. Her food always looks amazing, she is a great writer, and she is hilarious!! I adore her personality. She recently released this cookbook that features 125 delectable sweet treats that look beautiful and are easy to make. She starts the book off with a chapter on brunch, which features Roasted-Potato Breakfast Nachos and proceeds with several chapters on desserts. Those chapters include a Mint Chocolate Chip Cake, Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Cake W/ a Lemon Glaze, and Champagne-Sorbet Floats. Yes. Yes. And yes. 

Are there any cookbooks out there (new or old) that you are loving at the moment?? Do share!
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  1. These all look like fantastic cookbooks! I am especially excited to get Ina's and One Pot. And the cover of Joy's is making me crave a cake!

  2. Love a good cookbook. Looking for to the new Ina Garten book.

  3. These are all beautiful books! I do have to say that Ina Garten is my favourite.

  4. Such a great roundup! I want to pick up the Sunday Suppers cookbook, if only to stare in awe at her studio!

  5. I love Joy The Baker and both of her cookbooks are good. This is a great round-up with some notable baking and cooking superstars.


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