{Mini calla lilies are on the nightstand this week... }

Hi there! I hope you had a splendid weekend. I'm sorry for the silence around here last week. My routine last week was work, work more, eat, sleep a little, then repeat. My friends, family, and this blog got what was leftover and and last week there just wasn't much left to give. I'm hoping this week will be better and that lots more sleep will be involved! Anyway, to avoid a breakdown I out carved some me-time this weekend and attended Erin Gates's book signing here in Atlanta. I've mentioned her book here before and now that I have it, I have to mention it again. Peeps, this is the BEST design book I think I own - and I own a lot of design books. I don't really read all of the copy in design books, but I have been reading hers like a novel. The writing is so good and hilarious!! It gave me some much needed laughs after my very long days last week, so Erin gets extra points for that. The photos of her work are really beautiful and so inspirational. They along with her tips have given me lots of ideas I feel like I can implement in my own home. Meeting her was just as delightful. She was kind and funny as was her husband Andrew - who was there talking to everyone in line and supporting her like a trooper. Meeting her and receiving the most thoughtful care package from my all sorts of amazing mom (see below) were definitely the highlights of my weekend. 

{I ordered these flats a few weeks ago and finally got the chance to wear them this weekend. They are reasonably priced and SO comfortable - probably the most comfortable flats I've owned in a while.}

{A photo of me and Erin taken by her hubby Andrew... }

{When I'm super busy, my mom sends me the BEST care packages! She sent me one last week and it made me love her 100 times more. She sent me simple things I really love and things that I use on a daily basis like my favorite bottled water, coconut oil, my facial and body soap, chia seeds, a pair of my favorite jeans from Old Navy, pita chips, and a few things for my kitchen. She even threw in this pair of simple Kate Spade stud earrings that I featured on my last Lust List. She must read my blog... :) I just love her. }
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  1. We must have missed each other....I was late and got there around 2:00!

  2. your photos are fantastic. love those shoes; need them. What a mom you have. (That October 15th is a killer, no?) Do you use coconut oil on your face? Just starting and I love it...see you soon? donna

  3. What an amazing care package!! I met Erin in Dallas earlier this year and found her super friendly and nice, so awesome that you got a signed copy!

  4. You have got to love coconut oil and I will have to check out some Steve Madden flats. I've been looking for a comfortable pair of flats for too long.

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