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Savor Home: 10 Verbs for 2015

Well friends, 2015 is HERE! I feel quite ready for it, too. I spent the last week organizing the house, sleeping, detoxing, getting my money's worth out of Netflix, and doing other mindless things like spending several hours drooling over food I will probably never get to eat while watching Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. I became completely addicted to that show over the break. Anyone else watch that show? Anyway, the point is that I'm rested and ready to take on a new year and today - a new job. :)

So about my thoughts on the new year...

I typically come up with a "word" for the year that represents what I want to accomplish during any given year. The word for 2014 was incredibly helpful... But I had a hard time coming up with just one single word for this year. As I was thinking about what the word would be, I kept thinking, "I just want to be a better person." So I thought I'd get semi-creative and come up with a list of verbs - action verbs-  that typically make me feel better, especially when I do them on a consistent basis. I worked so hard in 2014 to get to the point where I could possibly have more time to do the things on that list. Now is time to see if that hard work paid off. At the end of the year, I want to say that I learned more, saw more, did more - and became a better, more well-rounded, more grown-up person because of it. It's just that simple for me this year.

How about you?? Do you have any verbs for 2015??? I'd love to hear!!

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  1. LOVE: to KNOW the real meaning of the word so often used and to genuinely show it to others without fail :)

  2. I love this resolution list & may have to borrow some of your this year - too good! Happy New Year!!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  3. You have once again inspired me to do something ........ I love this.

  4. I love this! I definitely pinned this to remember! I need to frame it too :-) <3

    Carmen Carter

  5. Great list. I loved the word "pray" the most on your list. Happy 2015!

  6. CREATE would sum up my 2015. That's a lovely list... would look great printed and hung. :)

  7. Since I have been out of school for a while I feel like my English has gone down hill. My goal for this year is to brush up on my information. I am starting with verbs and trying to learn a lot of them. This blog was super helpful and gave me a list of verbs that I can work on today. I like how it gave the verb and then gave some examples of how to use it.


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