{A little styling on my new bedroom nightstands... LOVE how they turned out! The catch all tray is from here...}

Alright friends! I'm back! In all honesty, I just needed a minute last week. I have a new job (that I am LOVING!) and a completely new daily routine this year that I thought I had gotten used to, but last week my body and mind told me otherwise. It told me to just relax last week, so I listened and just decided to "quit my day." Instead of turning on my computer at night to finish up blog posts, I turned on the faucet to my bathtub for long post-work baths, turned on my ears to listen and be fully present with friends, and spent a lot less time online. I just needed that time ya know?? 

So how was the weekend? I spent most of my weekend with my amazing brother. He is a fencer (which I think is such a cool sport) and was here for a fencing competition. I made him a great dinner (which I will share with you this week!), and just enjoyed spending time with him. Other than that, I went to Pilates AND went on a beautiful hike, and ordered the last few big items for my bedroom. I know I keep mentioning and showing little peeks of the space, but know I will show it to you when it all comes together! Anyway, needless to say I am feeling great today and am certainly feel prepared for a new week! Have a great Monday!

{A few good reads I was able to get completely through last week...}

{Bar cart styling (from HomeGoods). It's such a work in progress, but so much fun to play around with... }

{A pretty view on a beautiful hike I went on yesterday... }

{Max perched on a new window stool (on sale!) in my bedroom. So spoiled I tell ya... }

Images by me
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  1. Sometimes it is best to listen to your body, and step away from things. Glad you are feeling refreshed. Fabulous pictures.

  2. Love your weekend pics & the Dorothy Parker tray - so , so true!
    Segreto Finishes

    1. Thanks Leslie!! Always enjoy your comments! Have a great week!


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