Hi! Are you still there?? I just wanted to pop in to let you know that I'm still here. I'm everywhere except in front of my computer putting blog posts together. This week is a busy month at work, so after work I've only had the energy to relax, dig into this new book, and work my way through those September issues you see there. Those issues are making me even more excited about fall! On the weekends I've been devoting more time my friends and crawling out of my introvert shell to try new things. I tried this AMAZING cardio class on Saturday and I absolutely loved it. I pretty much couldn't move yesterday, but it was a good kind of sore ya know? I'll definitely be going back!

Anyway, hang in there with me for the next few weeks if you can. There may or may not be random posting here or there when time permits! Otherwise you can find me on Facebook (I post lots of updates there!), Instagram and on Pinterest.  Thank you for following along!


Image by me
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  1. I am here! Thank you for the beautiful image and for touching base!! xo Leslie

  2. Thanks! Can't wait for your fall-inspired posts!

  3. Have a good week,I too can't wait for your fall inspirations! Is plum the new color for the fall

  4. Tiffany, you are missed! Tonight, I made Smitten Kitchen's Rice Stuffed Tomatoes. I tried to photograph them so I could post to FB and IG, but the photos are awful. I thought YOU would have taken a beautiful photo worthy of sharing. Oh, they taste delicious, by the way. I recommend them.

    1. Hi Maureen! That's so sweet that you thought of me! I will definitely look at the recipe. Sounds delicious! Hope to be back to blogging soon! :)

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