Effective Winter Beauty Products | Savor Home
Well, the cold weather is definitely here! Did any of you get snow this weekend? We got a little snow, but enough ice to warrant a cozy day inside, so I was happy with that! Anyway, my skin has taken certainly taken notice of this colder and dryer air. If I had to think of two words that describe my body and skin this winter, those words would be CHANGE and DRY. I'm getting older and my body is changing, which means I'm taking more time to hone in on what my body needs to maintain and be fresh. I've also noticed that my skin requires a lot more moisture these days. So this winter I have had to beef up my beauty routine to address and accommodate the changes. Here are few things that are really working for me this winter... 

Effective Winter Beauty Products | Savor Home
Sunday Riley JUNO Face Oil, also here

This face oil is probably the most effective beauty product that I've ever purchased. That is huge statement I know, but it is so true. Once the weather was consistently cooler and dryer, I started to notice that my nighttime moisturizer just wasn't cutting it. I felt like my face was dry again a few minutes after application. It would also be super dry in the mornings. I took that as a sign that my face needed more. I'd heard so many good things about face oils, but shied away from them because the thought of putting any type of oil on my face just kinda scared me. But I did some research and decided to try this oil by Sunday Riley. I read tons of good reviews on it and was comfortable about the all-natural ingredients, so I felt good about purchasing it. The first night I used it, I massaged 4-5 drops of it on my face before applying my moisturizer. It absorbed quickly, so my face didn't feel oily at all - it just felt fresh and moisturized. I woke up the next day with the SOFTEST skin! It wasn't dry either! It just felt so good and it was cool to see benefits after just one use. I haven't experienced any breakouts either. For now I am only using the oil at night, when my face tends to be dryer. Yes, the oil is pricey, but a little goes a really long way, so this bottle should last quite some time. I'm also making an investment in my skin. Thinking of it that way helps justify the cost, too.

Effective Winter Beauty Products | Savor Home

Actually Organic Pure Argan Oil , c/o (also here)

Argan oil is not new to me, but using it is. I have always heard that it works really well on dry skin, hair and nails - all of which I had once the weather was cooler. Luckily, the sweet people at Actually Organic sent me a bottle of their oil to try out. I am SO glad they did!! I had a small eczema flair on my hand that had been lingering for a while. I started putting a little dab of this oil on the area at night - and within about a week, it had completely cleared up. The skin on that area of my hand was noticeably softer, too. Even though my battles with eczema are thankfully small these days, it's always amazing to find an all-natural product that helps- and helps quickly! I've also been using it to condition my fingernails and toenails, which had become quite dry as well. It takes a little time for the oil to absorb, so I apply it mostly at night when I'm done with my day. It's worked like a charm...

Effective Winter Beauty Products | Savor Home

Whole Foods Essential Oil Diffuser (similar here and here), Young Living Peppermint Oil, NOW Lavender Oil

Good sleep equals beauty and these next products have helped tons with achieving relaxation and good sleep. Many people, including my naturopath, have told me about the benefits of using essential oils. I've always believed them, but never used them - up until about two months ago. And now I'm hooked. I was in Whole Foods a few months ago when I saw one of their diffusers. I honestly just loved the way it looked. It was ceramic and looked like more like an accessory as opposed to a diffuser. Most diffusers I'd seen just looked plastic-y and kind of cheap looking, so I just wasn't inspired. But the diffuser in Whole Foods ($50) got my attention. So I bought it along with a decently priced, but good-quality bottle of lavender oil. I already had a bottle of peppermint oil that a friend gave to me that I had never used. So I put it on my bedroom nightstand, loaded it up with a mix of lavender (2 drops) and peppermint oil (3 drops), and my sleep hasn't been the same since. The mix of those oils for me makes me so relaxed - and sleepy!! I typically just turn it on at night when I start my bedtime routine. Once I turn out the lights for bed, I set it to automatically turn off in an hour. I'm usually fast asleep in 10 minutes tops. The scent - and honestly the light sound of the diffuser - gets me more relaxed and in turn I feel like my sleep is deeper and more quality. So I get the hype now. Diffusers and essential oils are obviously effective and worth it. I'll never be without them again - especially if they help me sleep better! I look forward to learning more about them and how they help other issues...

Effective Winter Beauty Products | Savor Home

Aura Cacia Vanilla Oil

Speaking of oils, I started using a new oil to alleviate some of the dryness of the skin on my body. I've always moisturized with coconut oil mixed with a small amount of natural body lotion. But on some days, especially really cold days, I felt like a needed a little more moisture. So I scoped out the essential oil section of Whole Foods and ran across this vanilla oil and it is AMAZING. It's pure vanilla oil mixed with jojoba oil, which means it smells fabulous and is really moisturizing. After my showers on really cold days, I mix about a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil with one drop of this oil (just one!), and it does the trick! And I don't have to apply my perfume oil since the delicious smell of the vanilla oil pretty much covers that. It's good stuff...

Effective Winter Beauty Products | Savor Home

Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Toothpaste, Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Electric Toothbrush

These last few products aren't so much "winter" beauty products, but effective new-to-me products that I just need to tell you about... So I've always been obsessive about brushing my teeth and flossing, but since I've gotten older and have been diagnosed with my autoimmune disease, dental health has become even more important. Changing my toothpaste has been on my agenda since my diagnosis. Most regular toothpastes contain fluoride. Fluoride is known to hinder the operations of the thyroid and it can disrupt hormones. Ugh... So I recently switched Dr. Bronner's Peppermint toothpaste and I really like it! It honestly took some getting used to at first. While it doesn't produce a nice sud-sy lather in your mouth as you brush, my teeth feel much, much cleaner after I use it as opposed to a regular toothpaste. I'll take that...

I've also noticed that I produce more plaque as I get older - regardless of the fact that I brush and floss twice a day. To address that issue, my dentist suggested I use an electric toothbrush. Oh my gosh! Where has this thing been all my life??!! This toothbrush has five different modes that specifically address things like deep cleaning, gums, plaque, and whitening. It has a timer on it that reminds you when to brush the sides, fronts, and backs of the teeth (sort of like the Clarisonic does for your face). I thought I was thorough when I used a regular toothbrush, but this thing quickly reminded me that I was not. Each cleaning is only 2-3 minutes and I can tell you that it gets the job done in just that short period of time. Totally worth it!

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  1. That Sunday Riley oil sounds like an amazing find. I'm a fan of skin oils now. As my skin starts to mature I'm noticing I need a little more and skin oils have been great. I've been using sea buckthorn oil and Biossance The Revitalizer and The Nourisher which is rose oil blend. Juno looks like it would fit right in for me.

    If I may I hope I don't offend Tiffany I'd like to recommend a brand of essential oils that I have been using for quite some time and I LOVE them. If you haven't noticed yet the essential oils community can be a very competitive, boisterous group. Everyone thinks their favorite brand is the best and will argue you down about it. I'm not like that nor am I affiliated with any particular oil company, I just like what I like. The company I'd like you to look at is Edens Garden (if you haven't already) They are a 100% therapeutic grade, no fillers, no synthetics, no bases, no additives. Edens Garden takes pride in the safety and purity of their oils. They process their single oils from organic growers and distillers and they have 6 that are certified organic. They don't test on animals. These are high quality oils. I've used them topically, orally, diffused and in some DIY recipes too. These are not your everyday run of the mill watered down oils. Edens Garden is high quality top notch. I did my own comparison between Edens Garden Fighting Five blend and Young Living Thieves...I saw no difference in quality. The only difference was price, its a massive price difference. Like with everything in life to each his own. I'm very familiar with Young Living and Do Terra. They are also quality oils but so is Edens Garden. You don't have to go through a distributor to get them and Edens Garden is so much cheaper. Their overhead is low so they can pass on the saving to the customer. You can buy them from their website directly shipping is very fast and smooth or they have an amazon store front as well. Check them out too. The price is awesome on their oils but the quality is tops. ♥

    1. Thanks so much for your recommendation. This is why I haven't made a decision on which brand of essential oils I'm going to use yet. So much to think about! But I'm doing my research and this helps! Thanks!

  2. I love learning about new beauty products and have seen argan oils but have never tried. Thanks for the recommendations!!

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