An Organized Life: Shoe Storage

Let me just be honest and real. The shoe section of my closet looks zero like this...

I don't have tons and tons of shoes (at least I think I don't) on special shelves that were constructed by California Closets or by my handy man hubby. I wish I did and I'm praying for a handy man hubby. My closet may not be the most glamorous, but it is organized- and that makes me happy! If you read my blog you know that I have a strict requirement for organization- especially when it comes to my closet. I'd rather sleep an extra five minutes in the morning than spend it looking for that one shoe. So one thing I wanted to share about "builder" closet is my cheap solution to organizing my shoes. 

Here is how most of my shoes are stored...

I adore these space saving shoe boxes that are sold at The Container Store. They are clear, so you don't have to take Polaroids of the shoes and they fit just about every kind of shoe...

from heels (these KILL my feet, but I love em')...

to wedges. I'm loving my TOMS that I first mentioned here.

Even these $15 sandals from Target have their own box...

If those little sandals didn't have their own box, then they would get lost in my "miscellaneous" shoe basket. These are shoes that I don't wear that often and can sustain a scratch or two from other shoes...

Yep, those are M&M slippers and I love those, too...

You may have already known about these lovely little stackable shoe boxes from The Container Store. If you didn't, you can purchase them here for only $1.79 a box! Or you can buy a case of 20 for $29.80, which is the cheaper deal- especially if you have lots of shoes. They also have special boxes for boots and men's shoes.

Do you have a special way of organizing your shoes?

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  1. One of the selling points of our home was the giant foyer closet that I knew could hold my shoes. I installed multiple shoe racks to hold my collection. I like the clear box solution, too, because it keeps your shoes dust free. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your shoe organization! It made me happy just looking at it. And you know I love those Target $15 sandals ;) I have 3 slanted shoe "shelves" in my closet, but I really like your idea of storing shoes in those pretty, clear bins.

  3. soooo... my organized friend! When are you coming over to help your disorganized friend (ME) get organized? ;)

  4. O...M...G! I absolutely love it! I love how you have your clothes color-coordinated (something that I USED to do better than I've been doing lately)! This closet is simply amazing! You make me want to organize mine all over again and again!

  5. um well hello beautiful organized closet WITH wooden hangers!! Love it! I have always wanted to transition to wooden ones but when I added up the cost I gave up.
    Love the M&M slippers! I have monkey ones!

  6. Wow! Your closet is SO organized and neat! Love how you have all matching hangers too!

  7. You are so well organized! I really need to get a handle on my shoe organization! Out of control!

  8. I wish my closet looked like the one in the first picture!

  9. Gah, I wish I was this organized...half my shoes are hanging from a back-of-the-door organizer and the other half are randomly assorted throughout my closet...nice idea with the clear boxes!

  10. Tiff I don't have a special way I organize my shoes. I currently have them stored on bookcases but since I'm in the process of moving I want to use the bookcases for... well books. I like the clear case tho..

    MMMM... just don't know where I would put them. Thanks for the info


  11. I think you have fabulous shoe organization Tiffany! Mine? You don't even want to got there! lol

  12. I have those same shoe boxes from The Container Store and I love them. Makes so much easier to stack my shoes since they are all the same size unlike the boxes shoes originally come in. Plus they're great for shoes I get from stores like Nordstrom Rack, TJMaxxx, etc that don't always come in a box. I also have the boot boxes since they are sturdier than the regular boxes.

    I even have wooden hangers in a lighter natural color from IKEA. Guess I just like uniformity.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one ;)

  13. I have those Target sandals!! In white and coral : )

  14. Love your shoe organization! It looks so neat!

  15. Do you think size 9, 5 inch heels will fit in the small Container store boxes? Or would you purchase the larger mens boxes from Container store?


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