My Weekend: Brotherly Love

Hi friends! How was your weekend? My weekend started off with a nasty migraine. Do any of you suffer from migraines? Do tell. 

Thankfully the migraine subsided before my brother arrived in town. He participated in a fencing competition here on Saturday. Fencing is an amazing sport to watch and I think that it is one of the most underrated sports out there. He placed in the top 15 and I am extremely proud of him. We ended the weekend this morning at Highland Bakery where we indulged in ricotta pancakes and the most delectable french toast I have ever had. They had cases full of cupcakes and lots of other sweet stuff which I took a few snapshots of and walked on. Hardest part of my weekend... :)

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  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better and your migraine went away. Luckily, I do not suffer from migraines...I've had a few in my lifetime and I can't imagine suffering with that kind of pain on a regular basis!

    Your brother is a cutie and fencing is such a cool sport. Glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. Oh my gosh. Those treats look amazing!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend (:

  3. Sorry, you had a bad migraine!! I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your brother. Fencing looks so cool to me. Happy Sunday!

  4. So sorry about the migraine! As you know our youngest, Kate suffers from them. So not fun. She is doing much better now thankfully. Her chiropractor actually mentioned the other day that she is constantly throwing her shoulder off (not her hitting arm, she plays volleyball) and that it is putting strain on her neck...he said it could be part of the problem! We really haven't found any significant triggers. My nephew fences, lives in Virginia. He was here this time last year for the competition. Didn't come this year as he is studying abroad.

  5. Glad you had a wonderful time with your brother. Looks like it was a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh full sympathy! I used to have dreadful migraines, until my brother in law, who was a doctor, suggested avoiding combining any more than 3 of the following foods within a 1/2 day. Citrus, chocolate, red wine, cheese, caffeine. Meaning, you can have all these foods, but 3 or more at the same time is like a supercharge of salicilates, or the amino acids which mostly trigger migraines. Since then (about 20 years ago) I have managed to avoid migraines UNLESS I slip up and have more than 3 of these foods together. Anyway, give it a try - they are so dreadful that I reckon it is worth having a go!

  7. Oh I am so sorry to hear that you suffer from migraines - I suffer extreme migraines and a couple of months ago ended up in hospital - not pleasant!!! So I can completely sympathise with ya xx


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