Well, its been a crazy week. I'm still working on picking a paint color for my walls (I think I'm up to six samples), my dishwasher quit on me ( I HATE washing dishes), I think my roof is leaking and my Dad came for a quick visit- the best part of my week.

So, I didn't spend too much time surfing the net this week, but I wanted to share this kitchen with you. The lovely Camille shared a link to this kitchen on her blog last weekend. "Unbelievable" was the first word that came to my mind when I saw it. The colors and the details are quite gorgeous and I was definitely intrigued by the layout. I love how the pantry separates the galley style kitchen from that lovely dining area. The stove is amazing and I LOVE those extremely well organized drawers! Organization like that makes my heart sing- very loudly. 

If only I could spend the weekend in that kitchen - where I'm sure the high-end dishwasher works like a charm... :)

I hope you enjoy the first weekend of summer!


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  1. Wow, this kitchen is stunning! I love the black trim and the fact that the pantry is glass...displaying something that usually gets hidden away! And you're right about her organization! I will be checking out her blog when I get home from work!

  2. Insane! I could die if I had those drawers, my heart would sing too! ;)

  3. Good luck with all the house projects! That kitchen is amazing. I love all the organized drawers. Heaven!!

  4. Loving that incredible kitchen! Wish I had all of that storage space! Hope your paint selection goes well. I know you will find the perfect color.

  5. I absolutely LOVE this kitchen too. It's perfect in every single way.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this kitchen too. It's perfect in every single way.

  7. Beautiful photos and LOVE the kitchen!

  8. Everything about this makes me happy.

  9. reconnected today with your dad - we worked together at Marshall right before he went to DC. he told me about your blog, and here i am!

  10. I really want to know what color you picked for your walls.



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