For The Love Of The Apple...

I heart apples. I think I have mentioned that in previous posts and will probably mention that a few times a year from now until the end of my blog years. I just adore them. One of my favorite things to do each fall is to go apple picking then make something apple-y that I have never made before. Last year after I went apple picking, I made this applesauce for the first time. It was quite amazing. These are just a few recipes that I may try after my upcoming trip to the orchards. If you have a favorite apple recipe, please share...

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  1. Gee thanks....totally craving apple pie at 7am! These pictures are gooooorgeous. I love applesa nd theres no better time to enjoy them than now!

  2. Yum....merci for the inpiration, I am going to try the first recipe.

    Here is a link to recipe that I used last weekend, it is one that I use often :-)

    Leeann x

  3. Yum! Definitely has me craving a few sweet apple treats!

  4. Ahh nothing like a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream of course!

  5. Love me apple everything!! These pictures have me longing for some apple pie and ice cream, too, Gaby! :)


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