Pink Ladies & The Mountains

Happy Monday my friends... I hope you had a great weekend! My weekend was just about perfect. A friend and I drove up to Blue Ridge, GA for a day of apple picking and sight-seeing. If you are an avid blog reader, I so realize that this may be the 1,000th apple picking post you might have seen this fall. I'm so sorry if that is the case! But this was the only weekend I could go and I don't think there could have been a more perfect weekend. I only took a few hundred pictures (literally) to prove it. :) The weather was perfect, I had the BEST fried apple pie and found my new favorite apple, the Pink Lady. It has a delicate sweet flavor that I just adore. For lunch, I inhaled that grilled tilapia sandwich from this restaurant in downtown Blue Ridge, which is the exact same lunch I had last year after apple picking. I have yet to find one that tastes just like it. We ended the day at Lake Blue Ridge, which was a gorgeous place that reminded me that even though life can be tough, it's all good.

I also learned on Sunday that even though you might have a baking disaster in the kitchen, life is still good. I'll explain tomorrow! :)

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  1. I love all of the pictures. We didn't go this year, so now I feel like I did.

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to hear about that disaster!

  3. Oh apple picking is so fun!! And pink lady and cameos are my favorites!!! So glad you had a good weekend and great weather!!

  4. I am great at cooking but always have baking disasters lol


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