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How fabulous is that top?? I love it! So how was your week? This week flew by for me, which is good because I have been looking forward to this weekend since last weekend! This weekend is my only weekend sans major plans for the remainder of the year (crazy), so I plan to take advantage of that by taking it easy, finishing this magazine (which is now officially my favorite magazine), sleeping in, lounging in my pj's for an extended period of time and trying to avoid the Halloween candy I bought for the kiddos. It's gonna be good. I hope your weekend is even better... 

Here are few things that I loved this week...

One of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen. It's Danielle Steele's daughter's wedding dress, so you know it's gorgeous...

Starting Monday, I would like to try this recipe for productivity - emphasis on "would like." It definitely makes sense. Not having my news fix first thing in the morning among other things might be tough for me...

Is Pinterest killing blogs? Just asking.

Everything this designer does is just pretty. Hang out on her blog for a while and you will see.

Versace, Armani, Dior, Alexander McQueen and Nicholas Oakwell couture at their finest...

Salted caramel + croissants = love.

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  1. LOVE the blouse and have it pinned!! One of my favorite looks..I am a lace and ruffles girl all the way. Happy weekend Tiffany!

  2. That blouse is gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend. Looks like it will be pretty outside.

  3. Not only the dress, the whole wedding! ;) have a great weekend Tiff!

  4. Love that blouse! So pretty and girlie! Hope you have a great weekend. Would love to catch up with you soon! xo

  5. Loved the links and the wedding photos were spectacular. I was really disappointed to see the bride and others smoking at the dinner table, though! If you zoom you can see it quite clearly. Maybe it's still acceptable in that crowd, but I was really surprised to see it in SF (and I'm a native!). Hope your weekend was wonderful!


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