The Weekend + Courtney Giles

Happy October!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was, well, let me explain...

Friday night and Saturday were both full of errands, almost two weeks of laundry, and filling up my almost empty refrigerator, paying bills, changing air filters and mopping my kitchen and dining room floors for the first time in -  well, it doesn't matter how long. :)

I showered and was in bed my 4:30PM, not AM on Saturday afternoon. After working long hours last week + everything else I had to do, I guess that might make a little sense.

Am I the only one who has settled in for the night at 4:30PM on a Saturday? Probably so.

I surrounded myself with my book and magazines, but ended up talking to a good friend on the phone for a few hours. She had been on a few dates last week with a guy who conveniently forgot to mention that he got married two weeks ago. Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started. 

I slept 10 hours, yet still woke up exhausted. I turned on the TV and watched my minister's sermon. The subject of the sermon was titled, "Dealing With Burnout." How ironic, I thought...

I ended up working most of the day to try to get ahead for what is going to be another busy week. A deadline at work is looming, but I will be referring the notes I made during the sermon as soon as the deadline is over. :)

I said all of that to say that I didn't get to take any photos this weekend, so these gorgeous spaces by the talented Atlanta designer, Courtney Giles are filling in for me today. I love the simple, clean, soft palettes and the little details like the lighting that seem to make the spaces extra special. You can see more of her beautiful portfolio here.

I hope you have a great Monday my friends...
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  1. WHAT?? That is too crazy and a shame for your friend too. Thanks for sharing a few photos from this portfolio - they look like a place I could certainly relax. Have a good day Tiffany.

  2. The guy who's married ... what the heck? That's crazy! Really beautiful + calming images, hope your Monday is going well!

  3. Where do these guys come from?? Good grief!
    Glad you got some rest Tiffany. I know what that feels like! Thanks for sharing the beautiful work of this local designer!

  4. Loved the photos and her website!! Thanks

  5. so happy to discover this designer. thank you, tiffany.


  6. Your friend's story is insane! Great photos, the bedroom looks so relaxing!

  7. What a busy weekend!! And really...already cheating two weeks into a marriage???

  8. When I was in college---I couldn't understand burn out--embarrassing to admit but true. Then I hit my late twenties and really started to feel burnt out in areas of my life. It is real and no joke either. Hope you are feeling better after some rest---and I don't blame you one bit about getting in bed so early...I have definitely been there. Hope you are having a great Monday and week!!!

  9. That story about your friend is crazy...married for two weeks...what? Now I am all worked up...but that designer is awesome. I wish that bedroom was mine. Thank goodness for rest cause being burnt out is no joke, happy Monday to you too!

  10. What a great designer feature, such fabulous spaces. "Dealing with Burnout" something we can all relate too! I hope your week is full of joy! Happy Monday!!

  11. Your friends story is totally crazy! Where do all these guys come from? Don't worry about the 4:30pm, I've spent most of my weekend running errands as well so I know the feeling!

    I'm a huge fan of these neutral, calm color palettes, they're so relaxing and beautiful!

    Happy October!


  12. I just love the simplicity in these rooms!



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