Back In Business & Baggin'

Happy Friday! I am one happy girl right now because I finally have cable and internet! Someone cut my line and I have been out of commission for FOUR DAYS!!! I was about to go crazy! But I'm all better now and back in business!

Today I am over at Tam's fabulous blog, Get It Girl Style, participating in her Baggin' series! So if you want to know what I carry in my "pocketbook," then head on over and check it out!!!

Happy weekend and Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful fathers out there! I will certainly be spending some time with my dad this weekend and I can't wait!

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  1. tiffany! I love your new profile photo and header. and enjoyed your baggin' piece. hope you are having a great summer!

  2. LOOOOVE the new look!! Hope you're having a great weekend friend!


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