Jumping For Joy!

Lately, I have been jumping for joy (literally) over some exciting things that have happened for me lately in blogland. I have been overwhelmed with the support and love I have received from other bloggers. I knew that blogging would be fun, but I had no idea that it would be this fun. I have "met" so many wonderful people and I can't imagine not being in blogland.

So first I wanted to say thank you to some amazing people who have really made me smile by taking the time to acknowledge my blog:

Cristi of Charm Home

Heather of Interior Groupie

Michelle of Ten June

Star and Cristi awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award and Heather awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Michelle gave me a tremendous shout-out on her blog last week. Thank you so much ladies! These ladies have some amazing blogs, so I highly encourage you to check them out! Winners of the awards must tell you 7 things about themselves. You can see my 7 things here.

In other exciting news, Chantal of Beau Lifestyle notified me last week to let me know that I won her giveaway! I won a set of Zara Home faux bamboo servers and a set of purple ikat placemats...

Cute right??!! I can't wait to get them! Chantal lives in Spain (dreamy) and has the cutest apartment EVER!! Here is a little sneak peak...

Click here to check out the rest!

Oh! And I have a new blog design! I'm super excited about that! I want to thank Ashley of Lemon & Lavender for her FABULOUS work! I absolutely loved working with her. I wanted a simple and fresh new design and she certainly delivered! Thanks so much Ashley!

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  1. Hi Gorgeous! Thanks for this lovely post! you made me jump of joy too!
    many kisses -Chantal

  2. Ohhh and I adore your pretty!

  3. Exciting to hear about all the good news! Love the new design!

  4. Tiffany, love the new blog design! And the profile picture...just gorgeous.

  5. Yea Tiffany! I'm excited for you. We actually talked a little about this when we 1st meet at the RSA party! As you know I'm new to blogging as well and I don't think I could live without it either!!

    Congrats and Happy Blogging

  6. Congratulations on all your blog success so far! Going to go check out the blogs you mentioned! xo

  7. How wonderful, Tiffany! The blog redesign is just beautiful! It so reminds me of you.

    I'd love to get together soon!

    Take care,


  8. WOW! So many things to be happy about right now! I love the bamboo servers and again, just LOVE the new looks!

  9. How fun, Tiffany! Like I already said on Twitter, LOVE your design. FAB Ash (:

    And Congrats on fun things happening in blogland. Isn't it the best?! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

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