For The Fall: Clogs

I'm still working on my list of fashion items for the fall. Making a list gives me something to look forward to in the midst of this stifling weather. I'm so ready for fall... The first items on my list were some fabulous bags. You can see that post here. Next up: shoes.

I got my very first pair of clogs when I was in high school (15+ years ago). They were thrifted and I wore them until they fell apart. They seemed to be on the outs for a while, but have been "in" for the last few years and I'm thrilled. I like to wear them with tights or jeans with a big chunky, warm sweater. I'll be getting a new pair for the fall- for sure. 

Images via Swedish Hasbeens

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  1. I cannot pul of clogs AT all! But i think if you have those long sexy legs they look awesoem!

  2. Wow clogs are back?!?! I'm not sure if I want to go back to clogs BUT if I find a really cute pair I might :)

  3. I have my clogs ready to go! I LOVE FALL!

  4. How cute are those pictures! I seriously cannot wait for Fall - this weather is disgusting.

  5. Oh yes, clogs bring me back to high school, love them!!

  6. Hey Tiffany! Thanks for stopping by! I am following you beautiful blog now too!


  7. I had a pair years ago and so excited to see if I can pull them off now, have my eye on a pair! Love the photos!! Janell


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