When I first saw this amazing space, I imagined taking a hot bath at the end of a long day at work, wine in hand. I would only have one cohesive thought, which would be to make a note to call designer Liz Williams and thank her, yet again, for creating this serene little piece of heaven for me. Sage green is one of my favorite colors (as evidenced by my blog), so this bathroom is extra special to me. The tile work in the shower is quite beautiful. I certainly wouldn't feel like I was slighted if time only allowed for a shower. The overall feel of the room is traditional, but the marble chevron floors adds a modern edge and a little excitement. Sigh... I wish I could call Liz.

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  1. Just beautiful! The floor pattern, the way the glass shower walls were designed, the mosaics...I *love* it all.

  2. oh WOW!!! Love every inch of it!!

  3. That tub is super gorgeous! I really love it! Every girl deserves a fabulous bathroom and closet! Wish I could call Liz too! :)


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