For The Fall...

Call me crazy, but I'm kinda already looking forward to fall. It's my favorite season of the year. The air is just crisper and fresher and I like that. I like love fall and winter fashion, too. I'm already scoping out some items for this upcoming season. These Zara bags are on my list...

I adore this messenger bag. I could see this draped over a black chunky sweater paired with dark skinny jeans and black or camel riding boots. 

Do you have a yellow bag and wear it in the fall? I don't, but I'm thinking about venturing out a little- starting with this canvas bag...

It comes with this cute little clutch, too...

Cute right? The prices are cute, too. The messenger bag is $69.99 and the yellow bag is a whopping $29.99!! Unfortunately, these are only available in stores. They don't sell anything online. They just show all of the pretty things they offer online. Wonder why??

So am I the only one already thinking about fall?

Fashion and other random things been on my mind lately, hence all of the posts related to fashion and random things. I still love interior design! I am sharing a gorgeous home with you on Monday that I promise you won't want to miss! I hope you have a great weekend!


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  1. Hey Tiffany..thanks for the comment. Hope all is great wth you. I saw the horse you won the other day while I was at ZG and thought of you.

  2. Love that yellow bag! Its perfect for fall!

  3. Love that yellow bag! And at that price, I could afford to get the clutch, too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love both bags! The yellow is so fun.

  5. love love both of those bags! and I'm always looking forward to fall.. my fav season, fav colors! love it!

  6. That yellow bag is gorgeous!!! I'm definitely ready for Fall! This Atlanta heat is not good for my hair!!! UGH! ;) xo

  7. Beautiful!! I'm so ready for fall & cooler temps

  8. Oh I love both bags! I really look forward to Fall also.

  9. I love the yellow bag!!! Me wantie.

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