Oatmeal, Cranberry & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite, but I have this thing for oatmeal cookies around the holidays. I'm not sure why... I have had many of different types of oatmeal cookies, but these are by far my favorite. I think I love them the most because they offer the best of both worlds for me- chewy oatmeal and bittersweet chocolate...

 Even better, dried cranberries are involved. So you experience this burst of sweetness when you bite into the cookie. It's quite marvelous. 

This cookie is another one of Giada de Laurentiis's masterpieces... I made these on Sunday and after one bite, I completely forgave her for not picking my photo for her contest... :)

If you see yourself eating a few of these (you won't be able to eat just one- I guarantee it ), then click here for Giada's genius recipe.


I'm debuting my first recipe today over at BluLabel Bungalow! It involves baked apples, a buttery crispy topping and cinnamon whipped cream... Click here if you think your taste buds would be interested!

Linked up to Tasty Tuesdays & The Lady Behind The Curtain!

All images by me

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  1. Wow and YUM. Say Hi to Maxwell for me! ;)

  2. You always entice me with your food pics....every single thing you make makes me want to make it that day (and you know thats happened a few The cookies look incredible and I bet are delicious and I must investigate on your apple of my faves!

  3. I like to believe that the oatmeal, cranberry cookies are not only tasty, but good for me too! Fiber and antioxidants are a win-win!

  4. I am with Erika.....i agree! These photos are great! So decadent.

  5. Yum ~ these sound right up my alley ~ I love oatmeal and chocolate together, and adding cranberry is jut the cherry on top ;)

  6. Oh I love the addition of cranberries!! Yum!

  7. yum! everyone is posting about treats today! now I'm starving

  8. I love sugar! I posted my Christmas baking today. I'll need detox by New Years!

  9. YAY the recipe! pinning it to my recipes board ;)

  10. Those are beautiful cookies! It makes me want them right now. :) I'd love for you to join my linky party, Crazy Sweet Tuesday, sometime!

  11. The cookies look delicious, and your pictures are just beautiful, too!

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