A Weekend Of Firsts

Hi there... How was your weekend? I hope it was a glorious one. My weekend was good. I experienced a few "firsts." Let me explain. 

This weekend was the first time I...

- purchased and read Kinfolk magazine. The essays were written so beautifully and the photography, well, it's gorgeous. 

 - purchased a piece of jewelry from Anthropolgie. Once I tried that bib necklace on, I knew it was coming home with me.

 - made homemade ice cream. It is was so stinkin' good. I used the mug and the dipped spoons in the ice cream's photo shoot. Of course I will share it with you tomorrow...

 - cleaned out my freezer for the first time in, well, I'm too embarrassed to say. It's been a while. 

 - went on a blind date in quite some time. I was reminded of why I'm not a fan of them. 

 - visited this rotating restaurant in over 10 years. It has the best views in all of Atlanta- definitely a highlight of the blind date.

 - turned off my phone and computer after dinner on Sunday night to just read mags and totally decompress for the week. No twitter, no Instagram, no blogging and no net surfing. I think I'll be doing that more often.

 - have done a post like this. Hope ya liked it. Have a great week!

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  1. It's sounds amazing, and that's some really lovely pictures.
    I love just turning off all electronics, relax and completely forget about them. Everbody need a vacation.

    - anastasiajasmin

  2. First off, Stunning photos, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love that necklace, you should definitely do a style post ;)
    Looks like you had a great weekend, minus the date thing ;)

  3. I haven't read Kinfolk magazine either but it looks beautiful! What a stunning necklace that is too! I love your blog + will be following along :) I just read your previous post too + wanted to thank you for the introduction to the Song of style blog - I can't believe I didn't know about this either! xx

  4. Sounds wonderful! Glad you found out about Kinfolk, it's just so beautiful!

    Have a great week!

  5. went on a blind date?? I hope it wasn't as awkward as your last one!

    I have been pondering Kinfolk and Anthology. Which is your fave of the two?
    Love the photos!!

  6. What a nice weekend! Cheers to you on lots of firsts. :) Your photos are just beautiful, Tiffany. You've got such a great eye and choose fantastic elements to shoot. Always a joy to read/view your posts. Have a great week!

  7. I met my husband thru a blind date and have been happily married for 15 years. So, sometimes it does work. :)
    Looking forward to the homemade ice cream post.

  8. Loving those dipped spoons and the bib necklace! Amazing! And so nice that you got to check out mentally on Saturday night...sounds divine!

  9. Well, this wasn't the 'first' time I've loved one of your posts! Loving those dipped spoons!

  10. These photos are gorgeous. Beautiful shots!! And definitely want to check out kinfolk. Also love the dipped spoons.

  11. Don't ya just love weekend like those ...... er minus the blind date. I want those spoons, have been eyeing them for awhile now. Have a great week Tiffany.

  12. Love this post Tiffany. You're photos are simply beautiful. Sorry the date didn't work out, but everything else sounds wonderful.

    Take care friend,


  13. Love love love your pretty photos! Sorry about your date...ugh, blind dates are the worst! I think you made up for it with all your new stuff, and the ice cream of course!

  14. Oh my, I am so thankful I am past blind dates! And, the last time I ate at "that" revolving restaurant was my Senior Prom! LOL Loving that necklace!! We will need to make that trip to Ikea soon...I'll be an empty nester after next week!!!

  15. Your weekend sounds fabulous (excluding the blind date and the freezer cleanout). Those dipped spoons are gorgeous! I now have a serious case of spoon envy...

  16. All the beauty wrapped up in this post is simply magical! Looks like your weekend was full of fabulous!! I love your blog girl!!:)

  17. Well even if the date didn't work out at least it looks like you got wined and dined in a nice place. What a view! And I love creative posts like this - stretching the imagination a bit and reflecting at the same time. Well done. I like to "turn off" at night too - just unwind with my magazines or book - no electronics.


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