Weekend In Five Pics...

Hi there! How was your weekend? My weekend was just fab. It included lunch and a movie with my parents and...

 - Shopping. Yep, I broke down people. I had to have that polka dot scarf, this jacket in black and a few, well maybe lots of other things. It was all on sale, though! I also stocked up on some Essie for the fall I'm loving Smokin' Hot and Armed & Ready...

- Great conversation about life with my brother over pizza, beer and frozen yogurt. He has so many good things going on right now, including an upcoming lifestyle website. He just makes me smile.

- Reflecting and relaxing on my parent's back porch. The view is amazing. Everything is just green for days...

- My first DQ dipped cone in over 10 years. I think I scarfed it down in about a two minutes! I forgot how insanely good they are. Do you love them, too?

So it was pretty much the perfect weekend. Oh and Hope Springs was GOOD!! I just love some Meryl...

Now on to what I hope is a perfect week! I hope you have a good one!

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  1. Looks like a yummy weekend!! Beer, pizza, and fro yo?? Amazing!!

  2. The best weekend! That pizza looks so yummy. And want to know a secret? I've never had a dipped cone! I'm so in love with the DQ cookie dough blizzard I get tunnel vision and that's all I can even think to order. But by the looks of this picture I think I need to expand my choices!

  3. Ha if I ever go to Dairyqueen, that is what I order ... although I haven't been there in about a year but still. As for your post last week ... ya know how you watched It's Complicated .... well you inspired me to watch it this weekend. I am keeping it on hand so I can watch it any time I want now. Love your scarf and jacket. Anthropologie?

  4. Gorgeous scarf, great purchase! You had a great weekend ;)

  5. My FAVE is the dipped cone in butterscotch, so damn good!!! Love your Instagram pics dear!!! xoxo

  6. Oh honey you had me at Hawaiian pizza :D It's crazy how much I crave carbs during well as the sweets, the cakes, the ice creams...everything looks soooo dang delish! Can I trade places with you right about now? ;D

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  7. I had Hawaiian pizza this weekend too! (Mellow Mushroom - YUM!) I used to order dipped cones all the time at DQ when I was a little girl. I think it's time I get another one soon.

  8. I love your polka dot scarf + those essie colours look so pretty! I'm a fan of Merryl too, so I need to see Hope Springs! Sounds like a wonderful weekend xx

  9. So worth the break down for those cute finds! I've been buying waayyy too much lately. Sales. They get me every time! As do DQ dipped cones! :)

  10. OMG - that pizza and the ice cream - sold. The chocolate dip cone is my favorite thing to get at Dairy Queen - although I try to stay far far away.

  11. those ice cream cones melt way too quickly, and they're very messy, but oh so yummy. next time you're "home," drive over to the Kreme Delight in Athens. BEST dip cones ever!

    as for your parents' back porch, i'm guessing that's why your mom could never make herself move to DC. your dad always said she loved Fairington Road. :)


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