Weekend In Six Pics...

My first peony purchase of the season- heavenly | Noah - the sweetest Golden Retriever that I met at the beach last weekend | Green onions at a North Carolina farmers market | My view from the middle of the ocean | The view from my beach house last weekend | Summer cherries...

Happy Tuesday! Gosh that sounds so much better than "Happy Monday" doesn't it? I heart 4-day weeks. I hope those of you in the U.S. had a great long weekend. This weekend I...

 + Ran errands, cleaned out my garage, scrubbed floors, ran more errands, blah blah on Friday and Saturday. Some of my pictures from my weekend at the beach last weekend looks so much better than those events right??

+ Attended a fun BBQ on Sunday, which means that most of Monday I did nothing but sit on my couch with that bowl of cherries, my remote and my Kindle. Perfect lazy day...

+ Attempted to make my first layered cake. Huge fail people. I opened the oven door during the process to check on the cakes. Five minutes later I looked through the oven window only to see two cakes with big craters in the middle. They fell. Lovely.

Note to self: Disturbing baking cake layers is like waking a sleeping baby. You just don't do it! 

After the cake disaster, I needed a cocktail. So I made one - a fresh, summery one that was so good that I totally forgot about the cake. I'll share it with you tomorrow...:)

Images by me
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  1. Beautiful photos! I don't think there is something better than fresh cherries on the beach. :)

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Just picked up a fresh bag of cherries yesterday. Yum!

  3. Lovely pictures as usual. Love the golden!!

  4. I know first had about disturbing a cake mid simply do not do it:) Sounds like a good weekend besides the cake situation. Your pictures are sooo beautiful, you need to come out with a book "A month with Tiffany"! I will buy it!

  5. Those peonies are so beautiful! I'm sure your second attempt will be a success! ;)

  6. You are hilarious! I guess we all fail sometimes... I'm sure it still would taste Devine. Did you try it regardless? That picture of the cherries is one of my faves of yours. So simple.


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