My kid - who has cost me hundreds of dollars in vet bills over the past month, was diagnosed with allergies on Saturday, wakes me up in the middle of the night most nights for attention, and loves to sit on my food props when I get them out (which is what he is doing in that pic). But I wouldn't trade him for ANYTHING...

My closet - when it is organized. Keeping it this way is work, but doing so saves me time and money. I always know what I have. Every time I buy something new, I always donate something to free up a hanger. That keeps things in perspective for me. Oh - if your closet has limited shelf space, like mine, then these shoe containers are great - and cheap.

These Joe's skinny jeans. They are SUPER soft and fit my waist and backside properly. I might have done a happy dance in the fitting room when I tried these on. It's always a fantastic day when you find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly...

Nailheads. These are the nailheads on my comfortable new desk chair in my home office. I found it stashed in the bathroom accessory section of HomeGoods with a $79 pricetag. I might have done a happy dance when I found it, too... :) 
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  1. Those jeans look great and I am loving that chair!

  2. Tidy closets, beautiful pets (even with all they come with), railheads and great fitting jeans....all things I love!!!

    Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Is it weird that all of these things are making me happy too?

  4. So love your closet philosophy…Doing it this weekend…out with the old…Sorry about your baby's allergies!!!

  5. You have such a beautiful blog, Tiffany! I enjoy starting my day by coming over to see what you've been up to!

  6. I must check out those jeans!! I love Joes for their fit!

  7. love that stool! I need to go to Homegoods asap! and your closet is heaven! I always give something away when I get something new. SOmetimes its easy and I give away three things and sometimes its soooo hard!

  8. Love your closet, looks perfect and nailheads always get me too!


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