This is what I love about blogging and interior design. As I search for spaces to show you, I find myself attracted to things I'd never think to have in my own home. The use of gray and white in this home in Sydney, Australia is the perfect example. Gray can be very soothing if used in the proper manner, yet I've always been more attracted to a white and cream color palette when it comes to my personal space. But I thought outside the box when I found these photos. The combination of the styling, the different textures, the various shades of gray and the lighting all create a very soothing and comfortable environment that I'd totally be open to having in my own home. I LOVE that table outside the kitchen and could see myself feeling totally comfortable in that bedroom. I'm relaxed just by looking at these spaces. Are you???

Images via Est Magazine, Photography by Jem Cresswell
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  1. Tiffany, it is a beautiful home, but I find it too sterile and cold. I would need something much warmer, I'm afraid, but it is interesting to see other styles.

  2. Gorgeous! I LOVE gray and especially lately...really on my radar! Beautiful rooms.

  3. Gorgeous. I am loving the color gray these days. Such a fabulous neutral.

  4. I am absolutely drooling over here! Unbelievable beauty. I would definitely hedge towards doing this in my own house but it makes me think it could happen because I love the calmness. I am definitely pinteresting these!


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