Apple Turnovers

My absolute most favorite fall dessert is anything that includes apples and cinnamon. They just scream comfort and warmth to me. After my long nap on Friday, I turned to the Food Network and saw Ina Garten making apple turnovers on her show. I thought, "Perfect."

One thing I always do when I read a recipe is figure out how to change it and make it my own. Ina's recipe includes dried cherries. I wanted something a little more tart, so I used dried cranberries instead.

I don't have any windows in my kitchen (blah), so I had to tote my cutting board that was covered in flour to my dining room table, which gets great light, for photos. I had to do it in a hurry so that the puff pastry wouldn't get too warm in the process. I spent a while cleaning up the flour...

But it was so worth it! They are crispy, warm and tart. I took them to work yesterday and they got rave reviews! Click here for the recipe. You won't be disappointed. Promise. 

One more thing... Sprinkle them with powdered sugar when they come out of the oven. I didn't do that, but I wish I did...

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Images by me
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  1. They look delicious! I love apples and cinnamon in the fall/winter months too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. mmmm, these looks SO good! love apple recipes!

  3. oh wow! these look amazing. And I can see you running through the house with a flour covered cutting board! LOL

  4. This looks so good and your photos are beautiful. Another great idea for puff pastry!

  5. Yes, please! Isn't Ina the best! Love the addition of dried cranberries.

  6. I love anything apple and cinnamon! I made peach cobbler today and I don't know what I liked better - the smell or the taste. I want to try these for sure - they look delicious.

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