On Order: ZARA

It's customary for me to treat myself after I have endured a stressful time. Sometimes my treats are small, like maybe a chocolate cupcake or two. Sometimes they are big. I met a deadline at work last week and well, I needed something a little bigger than a chocolate cupcake. So first I bought my watch, then I headed to

I'm THRILLED that they are now selling everything online! It's quite lethal though... I saw tons of things I wanted, but I was good and only bought the following...

I originally fell in love with this bag when I saw Olivia Palermo carrying it in this pic...

And I KNEW I made the right decision when I saw Emily's photo on Monday...

I just adore the clean lines and the classic look. It might be too big to carry on a daily basis, but I think it would make a great work or travel bag. 

I also bought this tube dress...

It's perfect for fall and perfect for work- and it will go perfect with my new bag! I'm just hoping that it isn't itchy...

Next on my list are these jeans...

These are so cute- on her. Jeans that look good on one girl can look like a disaster on me, so I wouldn't dare buy these online. I could write an entire post (and probably will) regarding my thoughts on shopping for jeans. In short, I hate it. But I will have to pull myself together and try these on at the store.

Have you bought anything from

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  1. Love the bag! I'm with you on the dress...very pretty, but if it is would go back in a heartbeat. And, don't even get me started on jeans!!

  2. its a blessing and a curse... i just want everything! Their dresses are so amazing.

  3. very nice!!! love the dress too!

  4. Loveeee your picks...I haven't gone online yet but I am pretty sure the booties you liked this morning on my blog would go fab with all these picks. Just sayin'....cheers!

  5. Funny, I bought the same bag in brown and just returned it. Not because I didn't love it, but because it was enormous and I already have two other bags that same size. It was beautiful though.

  6. I am the same way - love to treat myself to something special after a stressful time. I LOVE that bag. When you get it, you will have to let me know if you think it is too big for everyday use. And those jeans are adoooorable - love the little pockets in the front.

  7. loving the items you picked... i'm a big fan of zara but have never ordered online. i'm definitely curious about those jeans too but have the same jean-ordering fear!! its just the worst to shop for them isn't it?!

  8. Update!! I got the bag today and I love it! It is HUGE though!! So if you buy it, beware of the size! The dress also worked out beautifully. It doesn't have much of a shape, so it has to be belted. It is super soft and not itchy!!!

  9. love the zara bag myself! I am going to Argentina in a week and definitely stopping at zara.

  10. Oh my gosh want that bag!!! Such a great pic!!

    So happy I found ur blog :)


  11. Completely obsessed with that bag ever since I saw it on Olivia! I love all of your Zara purchases. I got the cutest winter pea coat from there recently. Love.

  12. Um that bag! I am now obsessing! So you bought the black? It's GORGEOUS but I do love the brown as well. I can't wait to read more of your blog. So cute. New follower.


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