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Have you ever thought about the fact that your nightstand is often the last thing that you look at before you to go bed and the first thing you look at when you wake up? That is all the more reason why it should be fabulous! All of these nightstands are stylish and contain my personal essentials for a nightstand:

If you haven't experienced what it is like to look at flowers when you first wake up, then you are missing out. Buy some flowers for your nightstand- even if they are fake. They will make you feel so much better.

Books create height and add color. They add tons of character to the space, too. The rule of thumb is to place larger books on the bottom and smaller ones on top. It's just that simple.

Pictures and Artwork
If you have a picture that makes you smile, then frame it and place it on your nightstand. If you don't have much room on your nightstand, then simply lean it on wall or hang it on the wall behind the nightstand.

Lighting on or by a nightstand serves two purposes: function and style. The lighting should compliment the size of the nightstand and the decor of the room while providing enough light for reading.

Most of this is probably not breaking news for some people, but I hope this is helpful to someone!

What is your nightstand looking like??

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  1. Great post! I am actually in the process of finding new lamps for ours in our Master Bedroom. There are so many choices!

  2. These are great points and reminders. We are redoing our master bedroom and will definitely be using these tips!

  3. So so true!! Love all of these lovely beautiful!

  4. Everything you said is so true! These are great pictures. Although, I have the traditional nightstand, I love the idea of using unique items & turning them into a bedside table.

  5. I could never have a cute side table! Got too much junk... Diapers, wipes, bottles...

    What dream!!!

  6. I have a couple of books, a lamp that is probably a little too big and a jar that is supposed to be filled with flowers but somehow has jewelry and pens in it... :)


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